Welcome to DAKM Group

We are a unique platform for the mentoring and development of young individuals to achieve the best results, and live a happy and stimulating life.

Today, India has the best human resources on Earth, as well as the world’s largest youth population compared to other nations. These youth are our biggest asset if we can nurture them in the right direction. (By 2020, India is set to become the world’s youngest country with 64 per cent of its population in the working age group. With the West, Japan and even China aging, this demographic potential offers India and its growing economy an unprecedented edge Source : United Nations ).

We know that many individuals have various skills and interests, but a lack of opportunities to explore and work with them.

DAKM wants to empower these individuals by imparting upon them beneficial skills, giving them access to new technologies, and providing them with mentorship programs, along with much more, all with a single goal in mind: to develop them into the next generation of young entrepreneurs. Together, we can do more than as individuals. Through a combined effort, we can create multiple sources of employement and foster a better world for our children, and their children after, who are the future and prosperity in all walks of development for our nation.

Join DAKM Group today to develop yourself, and help others grow….. become a member today.

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Our Events

Take part in various unique events to gain knowledge and insight from around the world and explore the wide options available in the global market.

Overview of DAKM Group

DAKM stands for ‘Dharma, Ardha , Kama and Moksha.’ Everybody requires these four principles. One has to follow Dharma, earn Ardha (i.e money), fulfill Kama (i.e desires), and then finally attain Moksha, which is ultimate happiness. This is the Journey of Life.