An Ideal Village - A Short Film Competition

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Our elders used to say Visual effect(s) (the one you see with eyes) is more effective and can be remembered long time than compared to writing and reading.

At this time Media is so powerful medium to convey any message. These days, the current generation, every young women and men are expressing their thoughts and powerful ideas through various blogs and short movies. Making a short film is much easier and cost effective when compared to big screen films. Short film as the name says it is ‘short and sweet’, to the point and you can convey the straight message to the viewers.

An Ideal Village – Village, the name it-self takes you beautiful memories of olden days and simple life style. Old is always Gold. If you the present scenario, the village people are migrating to towns for livelihood, town people are migrating to cities for more opportunities and city people are migrating to move advanced metropolitan areas or abroad to make money, and leading a comfortable life with modern amenities.

If you see the villages now…they are completely neglected due to various reasons. But one time old villages are pure in atmosphere, Air, water everything you can get pure and natural, very simple living and people are honest and you can find lot of love with innocence. Now gone are those days and everybody is striving for which is uncertain. 

The idea is, why not step back now…think for a while…make a good thought and give it a shape and form using the art of ‘Short Film’ making an Ideal village? What’s an ideal village? How it can be made? What are things required in a village to make the lives simple, pure, love and affectionate and keep them as pure as nature?

Make your short film, upload to YouTube and provide the link to us. We will finalize the best top 3 films to award the rewards. Look forward to see your thoughts through this great opportunity.

For any questions, please contact us at Info@dakmgroup.com

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Time 10AM-5PM
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NameBrahmma / Srinivas
DesignationEvent Coordinator
Email id info@dakmgroup.com
Mobile+91 9246611675


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