Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Meet - A Startup symposium

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Objective – To make a team of 100 Women, empowering them to run small business sectors.

Inspiration – LijjatPapad (Shri MahilaGrihaUdyogLijjatPapad)

Shri MahilaGrihaUdyogLijjatPapad, popularly known as Lijjat, is an Indian women's cooperative involved in manufacturing of various fast-moving consumer goods. The organization's main objective is empowerment of women by providing them employment opportunities.

Started in the year 1959 with a seed capital of Rs. 80, Lijjat has an annual turnover of around Rs. 6.50 billion (over 100 million USD) in 2010, with Rs. 290 million in exports.It provides employment to around 43,000 (in 2015) people. Lijjat is headquartered in Mumbai and has 81 branches and 27 divisions all over India.Lijjat is primarily a cottage industry, urban by its origin, which has spread to the rural areas. It is considered as one of the most remarkable entrepreneurial initiatives by women that is identified with female empowerment in India.

Capital Investment: for anything we need money but one cannot enough money to start a business so we need people cooperation and together we can do this.

How much we need: We need a total of 100 women, who are interested to become an entrepreneur and create employment with a strong and committed women's work force.

Each needs to contribute 1.0 Lakh to become a shareholderin the company. Some can have more and some can have less (Not more than 10% by an Individual)

This organization is completely run by Women's for the welfare of women's by creating various employment resources for the upliftment of Women.

All you need little commitment, honesty, respecting others and to grow your-self where you can be the leader to provide employment and become a role model to the women world.

We can mention some role models too, most of them are from banking industry to name a few of them SmtArundathiBattacharya, Chanda Kochar, ShikhaSarma and many more inspiring women who excelled in their fields.


Together we can Do it…. For more information, / any questions and event details please do contact us at Info@dakmgroup.com.

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