Organic Urban Farming

Now the the new buzz word is ‘Organic Farming’ why is like that. Yes true every food what we eat today is genetically modified food, hybrid food with modern techonologies, growing in un-natural way for bulk yielding and thus we are inviting the new deceases.

Organic farming is not anything new but we lost it during the course of life and with respect to population growth, we are inventing new modern techonologies how to grow more food in less time but nobody has time to thing what the big harm we are bringing to our dining table everyday. The ultimate solution is ‘Organic Farming’ growing basic vegetables, fruits in a natural way and bringing healthy liveliness into our lives.

At DAKM we are researching and developing a process in-place so that we can bring this organic farming to urban areas where every house-hold can eat fresh food made with fresh vegetables grown in the back-yard. Together we do it.

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