Professional Develoment

‘Professional Development’ is a well designed program which will equip you with the required skills to face job interviews and attain success in the professional world.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Any candidate with a degree is eligible to apply.
  • A preliminary assessment is made based on education level, skills and interests.
    • Course Duration & Fee Structure.
      • The course duration is 3months (Two days a week, one is on weekend either Saturday or Sunday).
      • Fee : Rs.20,000/- ( To be paid on stipulated mandatory dates)
Course Benefits & Outcome
  • Basic Skills Assessment and devloping a complete plan on one-on-one basis. (Individual Program)
  • Imparts knowledge ranging from grooming to communication skills
  • Several mentoring programs, group events, and workshops with successful people.
  • Provides opportunities for networking and exploration of new areas.
  • Complete transformation of personality by imparting Global Leadership skills.
  • Preparing them to face the Global compitition and also promoting them with entrepreneurship skills.

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